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Hides & Leathers
Salted hides from premium origins,weight and sizes.

Wetblue / Wetwhite hides:
Hides in wetblue state that come from different premium origins. Full hides for upholstery or in sides for shoes, handbags or leather goods.

Crust / Semifinished leathers:
Crust leather from different origins. Sides for shoes, handbags or leathergoods Full hides for furniture upholstery, automotive, aircraft, etc.- Different tannages, chrome tannage, semichrome, full vegetable, syntetic tannage, titanium tannage, aluminium tannage, etc.

Pickled or wetblue splits. Double butt splits or drops ex lime or wetblue splitting.
Crust splits in Pearl/Natural or dyed tocolour.


Leather for shoes:
Bovine leather in fullgrain or corrected for classic ladies and men´s shoes.
Bovine Nobuck. Finished splits. Suede and Nubucked Splits. Linings, goat lining, cow lining piglining, split linings Sole leathers in different substances from different vegetable extract tannages (Chesnut, Quebracho, Mimosa, etc)..
Cutted soles. Bonded leathers and welts. Leather and split forsecurity shoes.
Leather uppers for security shoes. Finished splits. Suede or Nubuck splits.

Leather for Handbags and leather goods:
Leathers in full grain or corrected grain. Leathers for trimming, stripes and linings. PU cotated and finished splits. Suede or Nubuck splits.

Leathers for belts:
Bovine leather in full hides or sides with size specifications. Vegetable leather
and splits. Bonded leather. PU cotated and finished splits. Suede or Nubuck splits.

Leather for garments:
Bovine leathers, caprine skins, hair sheepskins, sheep skins and pig skins finished leathers for garment products.


Upholstery leathers:
Contract-residential Bovine hides from premium origins used for contemporary and rustical furniture

High quality technical leathers for the hospitality sector; hotels, restaurants, casinos, public spaces, auditoriums.


Hair on hides in natural state Dyed hair on hides Printed / Stenciled hair on hides. Patchwork carpets, leather cushions, etc.

Leather for saddlery:
Bovine leathers specially tanned and finished for saddlery. Vegetable and chrome tanned leather. Linings.


Automotive Leather:
Bovine full grain and corrected automotive leathers OEM Specifications. Aftermarket leather. Leather covers (cut and sewn).

Aircraft Leather:
Bovine flame treated hides of different origins for aircraft VIP-Corporate – Focused on the private sector as well as in small jet-services. FAR 25.853 / FAA flammability tests. Commercial – Focused on Airlines, OEM and TR1 suppliers. FAR 25.853 / FAA flammability test as wellas ASTM / ABD toxicity and smoke emissions certificates.

Marine Leather:
Bovine leathers with full European and international standards suitable for yachts and other marine uses.

Leather for Railway interiors:
Bovine hides for Railway interiors with specifications according to required regulations.

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