As a division of the company “Hides & Leather”
Leatherinspections is experienced in inspections of green,
salted and wetblue hides and skins as well as crust, suede and finished leather.

All our team members are skilled in Hides & Leather quality management!

We make Hides & Leather takeovers according to contract parameters.

Our inspections minimize the lead times and avoid excessive travel expenses.

Proven benefits in rejections avoiding excess of purchase, wastage, re-proceses and returns.

Customized service with made to order inspection procedures and reports which allows all involved parties to have a living stress-less evaluation of the takeovers.

Our detailed reports are the best tools for continuous improvement as these helps to minimize cost, measure data, improve quality and be agile!

Let’s get started.

We love new projects!

We would be glad to guide you through the development of Hides and Leather sources and products from the initial concept to the industrial application and production.